The energy and the passion of women from many different cultures worldwide are the main sources of inspiration for Petra de Vree. For more than 15 years she lived abroad on four different continents. These experiences are of undeniable influence on her development as a European artist. The unique blend of cultural impressions is the base of her work. Petra de Vree: “The life of women in the countries I lived touches my own being as a woman. As an artist I use this in the sculptures. Each image includes a piece of their world and a piece of myself. Through my hands, eyes and fingers I strive to a perfection in aesthetic forms and natural lines, in order to give each personality her own unique look.”

In their ultimate femininity and in their great diversity her sculptures show vigorous pride and positive confidence. They are dignified and to be respected. Petra’s motive is to display a universal strength of women around the world, with a lot of creativity, beauty and color. Someone compared them with a kind of goddesses or ‘example women’. Well, maybe they are. Petra finds it the best compliment when people get strength and inspiration from her sculptures.

The artist feels very connected with clay as medium. She loves to play with it in order to discover new possibilities. Driven by her own curiosity about who the woman will become, she can hardly stop working.

“It is a wonderful experience when a sculpture comes glazed out of the kiln. I can get surprised by the interesting mix of colors and at the same time the recognition of the image. A kind of deja-vu, as if they have always existed and are simply supposed to be there. The women have become who they actually are, to never leave again.”

Petra de Vree 


A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali


Yes, Petra inspires others...The sculpture "Between Art and Heaven" is made of various kinds of clay. It both shows the power from as Petra's involvement with women from all over the world. We are very happy to have this sculpture at our place.
Ton Veldhuis
When I asked Petra to make a sculpture on behalf of my fiftieth birthday, I trusted her blindly.I'm very happy with the result of "Water Power". Her natural look makes her very earthly, and the beautifull blue accents and waves realize her name.I feel happy every time I look at her.
Karin Kluijtmans
What I like about the art of Petra de Vree is that she shows the power of every woman. The sculpture she made for me is beautiful in the way she expresses my character, style and personality with  colors, figures and appearance.
Carly Jansen
Every day I’m happy to have purchased two of the beautiful ladies made by Petra de Vree. I feel privileged. I fell in love with the sculpture with the title Come. She is so open and inviting, her body language is clear. I’m just waiting for the right moment to complete my series with a third sculpture. I'm sure that day will come!
Ariane Buining