Art weekend Wageningen: Culturele Ronde

The 22th and the 23th of April there is an open Art Weekend in Wageningen, more then 80 artist participate in this so called ‘Cultural Round’. Petra de Vree will show her art works in Icoon Popup-meet and eat, at the Hoogstraat 20 in Wageningen. You are most welcome to visit on one of these days from 11.00 till 17.00 pm and talk with her about her artworks.

On Saturday 22 there is possibility to listen to the artists motives during an Art Diner, organized by Icoon. If you like to attent you will find more information about this event on Facebook

From Saturday the 8th of April there will be an overview of the complete exhibition in Museum De Casteelse Poort, Bowlespark 1A, Wageningen. The sculpture ‘Here She Comes’ can be seen here. For opening hours see