The Beauty of Clay

There is a short documentary about the newest works of Petra de Vree. It is made by the firm RedOrange in Dhaka and can be seen on YouTube in Dutch.

Sculpture on cover

The sculpture ‘Take my Knowledge’ is used for the cover of the book ‘Inspiring Women at WUR’. This book ‘Inspiring Women at WUR’, features 22 inspiring women from Wageningen UR and includes an update on the actions for gender balance, past and future at Wageningen UR. The book is an initiative of  Wageningen Young Academy & Corporate Human Resources. The book launch took place after the lecture by Prof. Ada Yonath, Nobel laureate in Chemistryon during A Noble Event on Wednesday May 18th 2016 at 16.00 in the Orion building 103, Wageningen UR Campus. The rector Arthur Mol introduced the event with words of welcome on a big screen in front of the sculpture.

Opening Exposition in Aerdt

Yesterday June 14  the duo-exposition with Petra de Vries in Aerdt is opened by Mrs Stoni Scheurer. Before and after the speech mezzo soprano Alie Hadders sang some beautiful songs, accompanied by the wonderful piano playing of Frank Leurs. The exposition can be visited on Sunday the 21th and 28th of June and the 5th of July in the Church of Aerdt, Kerkweg 26, 6913 AK Aerdt, from 14.00h to 17.00h.  The last date the two artists will be present. On the photo’s you see an impression of the exhibit.           

In the beautiful park Rijnhuizen Uitgebeeld

The exposition in the park of Castle Rijnhuizen was a great success. Almost 4000 visitors came to see the art works of more than 40 artists. Among them was photographer Yolanda Simarro who made those great pictures of the sculptures of Petra de Vree.     

The making of Take my Knowledge

In mountain countries such as Nepal and Bolivia natural stones and large pebbles are piled up by pedestrians. This way turrets are being formed and will continuously grow. Occasionally stones fall of, then a passer-by puts them back or builds on the new piles that are arising. One of the uses of these turrets is that they show,  even if it has snowed, how people can continue their path. This “joint building” idea intrigues me tremendously and it is one of the main starting points for Take my Knowledge. We will have to build together to continue and find our path. In the sculpture I build with layers instead of with stones. Each layer got its own meaning, all together they create a firm base. The first layer refers to earth, processing soil, agriculture. It is related to the University’s foundation. In the second layer, literacy is expressed. Therefore I used the letters of the name of the first female professor at the University of Wageningen. May many women follow her example. In addition you will find a number of spiral shapes in this layer. I discovered that basic colors of clay match with skin colors of people. Because the WUR accommodates people with many different cultural backgrounds, I’ve used these clays for the coils. The spiral shape itself is found in cultures in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Often it is used as the symbol of growth, progress and development. So did I. The third layer is about openness. In order to make changes an open attitude is needed. The upper part of the dress can be viewed in detail.  You will discover structures that could exist in nature, such as cells, seeds, leaves, etcetera. It refers to the knowledge and experience of this talented woman. In an exhibition a couple of years ago a boy came to me and asked: “Madam, why does this lady have the brains outside of her head?”. I found this such a genius idea that I used a brain-structure for her hat. This way she shows her intelligence. In her hand she displays an object with the same structure that symbolizes a piece of knowledge. Take her knowledge, she offers it to you!

Rector Wageningen University unveiled Take my Knowledge

Rector Martin Kropff  unveiled the sculpture with the name Take my Knowledge. It is offered by the VWI  to the Wageningen University during their 25th anniversary on the 1th of November 2015 . All members of the Women’s Network of Wageningen Engeneers (VWI) were invited. Also a big donor was present; the Rabobank gave a donation of 1000 euro. During the event Petra de Vree explained the ideas behind the statue and gave inside information about the creative process. Take my Knowledge will get a permanent place in the building Impulse of the University.  

In the first VWI Magazine

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Women’s Network of Wageningen Engeneers (VWI) the association published a special journal.  In the journal there is the announcement of the sculpture  which will be offered to the Wageningen University.

Exposition NVK

The image Ode to Antoni is borrowed from the owners to be exhibited at the major exhibition of the NVK, the Dutch Association of Ceramic artists. This event takes place in the Bergkerk in Deventer from the 10th of October to November 2nd and is organized to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Association. More than 170 members will show each three of their works. Besides Ode to Antoni Petra de Vree will exhibit the sculptures Retaliation and Deep She World. During the opening of the exhibition on October 12 at 15:00 in the Bergkerk the new member guide will be presented.

Mayor of Zeist opened a Baker’s Dozen

Mayor Janssen opened the 4th edition of the exposition a Baker’s Dozen on Saturday the 20th of September. After this official part all the artists stood together for a group photograph behind the sculptures of Petra de Vree.

Ready to receive the public

The preparation of the exposition ‘a Baker’s Dozen’ is done. The work of Petra de Vree is beautifully situated in the entrance of the exhibition. There the roof is from glas which gives the sculptures a natural light.  Petra is very pleased with this honorable space.  

Anouncement A Baker’s Dozen in Ceramic Magazine

The name a Baker’s Dozen refers to twelve plus one extra, in case something will happen in the kiln. It is an exhibition of 13 ceramic artists with varying styles and technics, who will all show 13 of their artworks. It will be opened for the public on the 20th of September at 11.00 am. The image which is chosen by the organization for the announcement in the Ceramic Magazine Keramiek as well as for the invitations is called Ode to Antoni.  The story behind this sculpture can be found here.

VWI will offer female sculpture to Wageningen University

The  Women’s Network of  Wageningen Engeneers ( VWI ) approached Petra de Vree to create a special sculpture of a strong and talented woman. The idea behind the image is to achieve more women in higher positions within the University. At the present Wageningen has 9 % female professors. To be able to fulfill the project  the VWI in cooperation with Petra de Vree started to raise money. Among others the Rabobank is approached to donate in order to make the realization of the sculpture possible.

Municipality purchases Anne Wiggen for 750th anniversary

Wageningen is celebrating their 750th anniversary in 2013. Especially for this purpose the BKW (the association of professional artists in Wageningen) organized an exhibition in June with the title Visioen Wageningen. For this event Petra de Vree created ​​the sculpture Anne Wiggen. On December 21st, the day of the celebration of the end of the anniversary, the Mayor called the artist with the message that the municipality  decided  to purchase Anne Wiggen. It will get a place in the new town hall of Wageningen.

Revisit ‘feast of recognition’ possible thanks to success

  The exposition Feast of Recognition in Huis Kernhem was a great success. The curator Yoke Ferwerda has been approached by the manager of Cultura to organize the exhibition there again. The 25 artworks will therefor move to the new building of Cultura, Molenstraat 45 Ede. The exhibition will be on display from September 28 to October 26, 2013 .

First audience prize for sculpture African Queen

The sculpture African Queen made by Petra de Vree got the most votes from the public during the Culturele Ronde 2013 in Wageningen.  The public was asked to vote on the exhibited work they most appreciated on the exhibition in the museum Casteelse Poort. All participating artists put one of their works in the exposition. The second and third place were for Salman Ezzamoury (City Gate) and Henny van der Linden (Veterans).  Petra de Vree received the prize from the Mayor of Wageningen Geerts van Rumund.     

First place Art Event Emmen

Petra de Vree wins the Art Event in Emmen 2011. For this event an entrepreneur in the city centre of Emmen, and an artist were connected in order to create an exhibition in the space of the entrepreneur. Petra’s work was combined with the showroom of goldsmith Arn van Ess. First price in the category paintings was for Lola Eradus. Jacob Bos and Thea Gerritsen both won the second price for respectively sculptures and paintings. The jury appreciated the combination with the work of Petra the highest and gave it the average score  of 9.24 on a scale of 1 to 10. All four artists will exhibit in Flier Interieur in November 2011.