Friends to all

With all things and in all things we are relatives

Tokota is a sculpture that is made as part of the series Treasures of Earth. It is a series inspired originally by the area of Ha Long Bay in the North of Vietnam. In the Gulf of Tonkin there are thousands of limestone mountains and isles in various interesting shapes and sizes.

Sitting on a boat I enjoyed the interplay of the shapes of these mountains.  One side could be stretched out, while seeing the same isle from the other site it would show a high conical shape. The positions and spaces between the mountains changed constantly while viewed from the boat and, thus, it is almost impossible to see the same view twice. This gave the impression of fluidity and ongoing change while being in nature.

I decided to make a series of more than one sculpture,  in order to capture the influence the shapes have when being put together. On one of the photos Tokota stands together with Serene.

With each one of these sculptures I express our valuable connection with the Earth.  I honor those beautiful resilient creatures of nature, which at the same time, are so vulnerable.

Size 16 x 11 x 43 cm